MAJU STRUCKTUR SDN BHD was incorporated in end 2001 in response to a growing demand for a more professional and specialized pile installer of pre-cast piles in line with our country’s Vision 2020.


Established with the initial objective of installing small sized pre-cast concrete piles for the construction industry in displacing the use of conventional timber -based piles, we have expanded into installing bigger size range of R.C Piles, Spun Concrete Piles and H-piles. Until recently, we have only used drop hammer and hydraulic hammer in our installation of piles.

However, as required by local authorities and government bodies to practice an environment friendly piling system, we have heed this call investing in some hydraulically injection pile machines. The performances of these machines are rated as vibration-free and noiseless without the messiness as created by boring-type machines.

Besides, we have also participated in some civil and building works. For most of the projects undertaken, we were able to put forward a more cost effective proposal to the relevant works concerned.

In a move to widen and enhance geotechnical services to our clients, we have joint forces with our associate in undertaking caisson piles, bored piles, jet grouting and column grouting projects. We are also specialist in pre-casting item like parapet wall, half slab and R.C. pile.


The highly experienced and trained shareholders of the company who shared about 20 years of experience between them and with the enlisting of several other specialists, we are able to offer a complete package of design, supply and installation proposal for our prospective clients.

Though relatively small in size at present, we are able to gain several manufacturers’ confidence and support who can foresee the true potential and capabilities of this team.